"De Winde" lies in the middle of the peat meadow polder of the Alblasserwaard. Here you find everything what we present ourselves at a typical Dutch landscape: green grazing with black and white cows, high dikes and a lot of mills. You can choose to take off from here, and visit one of the curiosities/sightseeings in the area. For example the several picturesque village cores, region centre "Het Liesvelt", or a sociably sniff in the "Brocante kroon". The hostess can also reference for pleasant restaurants or bistros.

If the weather is unexpected bad or during the winter you can also sit in our garden/ summer house or in the former cow stable.

Along our farm are several bicycles and walking routes, among walking; "het Ooievaarspad" (the stork path), "het Pelgrimspad" (the pilgrim path)(LAW 7-1), and on the bicycle "de Molenroute" (the mill route) and "de Ooievaarsroute" (the stork route). Moreover "de Oeverloperpad" (LAW 6-1) and Floris V-pad (LAW 1-3) are not far away (both walking). Several routes run along orchards, and farmer countries and mills. Old small rivers, polder bunches and farmer countries form an alternating whole. Furthermore you find several old places near "De Winde": Schoonhoven (the silver town), Nieuwpoort (the smallest town in Holland), Leerdam (the glass town) and Gorinchem, also you can reach the famous mills of Kinderdijk with the bicycle very well. On 35 Km distance are the big cities (Rotterdam and Utrecht).

Theetuin De Winde
Achterland 4
2964 LA  Groot-Ammers
phone: 0618565669
e-mail: nelhakkesteegt@hotmail.nl
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